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11-12-2014 10:31
Education Action Calendar 2015

Need a season wallpaper for your kid's iPhone, iPad, Pc, Android or other mobile device? We've got you covered! Our Education Action Calendar 2015 is our first attempt to reach out to the world to help us with our day nursery project. Offering your... Read more

02-10-2014 11:41
1st International Cooperative Cartoon Festival

The 1st international cooperative cartoon festival is organized by the Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise. The festival is open to everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex or profession. Theme Cooperatives: What is a cooperative? Cooperative principles and social economy. How workers’ cooperatives, social cooperatives and other types of... Read more

23-09-2014 21:29
Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition

Read below the extensive reference to the Halandri Cooperative School of Private Tuition as an example of good Greek cooperative practices, in the Heinrich Böll Foundation guide for cooperative enterprises! http://www.cooplife.org/index.php/our-actions/233-example-halandri-social-cooperative-school-of-private-tuition     Read more

23-09-2014 21:18
Announcement of partnership

The Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise is proud to announce its partnership with the Margarita Special Vocational Training Centre, registered in Penteli. The Margarita Special Vocational Training Centre was founded in 1979 by a mother who had a child with intellectual disabilities. It is an... Read more

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